Sixpoint Beer, Jammer Session Pack

3 - Jammer with session beer. 3 - Citrus Jammer with lemon & lime. 3 - Tropical Jammer with mango & pineapple. 3 - Ruby Jammer with grapefruit & tangerine. 3 - Berry Jammer with cranberry raspberry & strawberry. 125 cal per can. Craft beer. Real juice. Mad science. Tangy session beer. Est 2004 Beer is culture. Brooklyn NY. Year round. 3 x Tangy Session Beer: The schweat, the rhythmic rocking, and that aroma. We're talking about the ebb and flow of tides here - ahhh, the glorious brine! Gnarly waves, shooting off mist, just tangy enough to tingle the tastebuds. Jammer! Let 'er rip. Jammer Session. 3 x with Lemon & Lime: Squeeze it. Salt that rim. We're talking about the Sixpoint Salty Tango with a twist - the tangy waves of Jammer with just the right amount of lemon and lime juice. Time for some vitamin J. Jammer Session. 3 x with Mango & Pineapple: Jammer's tangy waves lap at the shoreline while mangoes and pineapples grow sweet and ripe overhead. Introducing Tropical Jammer, a lush, tart brew with supremely refreshing tropical fruit - talk about a desert island beer. Jammer session. 3 x with Grapefruit & Tangerine: The grapefruit is a hybrid fruit - a rare gem formed through an accidental crossbreed. Our Jamer hybrid is no accident - it's an authentic gose blended with real grapefruit and tangerine juice for eye-opening refreshment. You'll feel good about this all one all day. Jammer session. 3 x with Cranberry, Raspberry & strawberry: The Mad Scientists tested dozens of juices and calibrated untold amounts of berry blends to get this one right. But you don't need to get bogged down in all that - just drink up until the ripe, red juice dribbles down your chin. It tastes like a mouth full of tangy berries - a Jammer punch! Made with Jacobsen Salt Co. Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. Follow us on social (at)sixpoint. 4% abv. 8