Magic Hat Beer, IPA Playlist, Variety 12-Pak

Electric Peel: Grapefruit India Pale Ale. Low Key: Session India Pale Ale. Blind Faith: India Pale Ale. Ticket to Rye: Rye India Pale Ale. 4 IPAs 3 of each. Established 1994. Vermont brewed. Rotating Lineup: A lively list of highly hopped favorites spanning several genres of IPAs. Electric Peel: An IPA shocked with citrus hop flavors and amplified by fresh grapefruit peel. Low Key: A session IPA tuned to the key of ease with a tropical hop lead and smooth malt boss. Blind Faith: An extremely well-balanced IPA with a crisp refreshing hop bitterness and deep malt body to match. Ticket to Rye: A Rye IPA that offers an opening act of rye spice nicely woven into a hearty and bitter backup of nugget hops. Greetings! When in Vermont, come by and visit us at our brewery & the artifactory. Instagram: (at)magichatbrewing. Twitter: (at) magichat. Facebook: magichatbrewing. Welcome to the Magic Hat Brewing Company & Performing Arts Center, where the ancient ritual of brewing distinct and flavorful beers is a performance to behold. As with any art, our beer takes shape through equal parts chaotic chemistry, humble patience and blind faith. Each is a unique show and best shared in the rousing company of kindred spirits. We have a whole show for you to witness and sights to behold. Take a tour, have a beer, and shop the artifactory. Electric Peel ABV: 6.0%. Low Key ABV: 4.5%. Blind Faith ABV: 6.2%. Ticket to Rye ABV: 7.1%.