Cassava Chips, Original Flavor

Made with natural ingredients. 0 trans; colesterol; gluten. Comments? Call toll-free international: 1-888-343-Snax (7629). Facebook/Soldanza. Dispose of properly. Enjoy life, savor every pleasure! Let Soldanza cassava chips be part of every celebration. Cassava or Yuca, as it is called in Central America, is the original staple food of the Caribbean region. Before the arrival of the Europeans, it was grown and eaten in many forms by the native people of Caribbean Islands and the Isthmus. To this day it is still to be found in almost every kitchen. Soldanza cassava chips are made from cassava grown in Costa Rica, in rich volcanic soil, watered by the torrential downpours of the rainforest. Carefully selected to ensure the finest possible chip, we reap the youngest roots that produce crispy golden chips that are packed with natural flavor. Soldanza cassava chips are 100% natural and cholesterol free with no trans fats. These exotic cassava chips are packed with the natural goodness of the rainforest. They are nothing less than perfectly delicious. Enjoy natural snacking! Product of Costa Rica.