Siggi's Non-Fat Drinkable Yogurt Vanilla

Siggi's® Non-Fat Drinkable Yogurt Vanilla. Swadesh style filmjolk. 0% Milk fat. 10 Billion probiotics per serving. Grade A. 17g Sugar. 8g Protein. 120 Calories. 32 fl. oz (946 ml). Filmjolk is the name for traditional drinkable yogurt in Sweden; it is slow fermented using lactococcus and leuconostoc culture strains which give it a soft buttery flavor. Filmjolk is to Scandinavians what kefir is to Eastern Europeans and it can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or poured over fruit or granola. We make our filmjolk with milk from family farms in New York State. As with all Siggi's products we don't use any ghastly artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or coloring. Filmjolk can also be used as a substitute for kefir, regular yogurt or buttermilk in baking and cooking! Probiotic cultures per serving: L. Acidophilus + Bifidobacterium Sp. + L. Casei 1 billion. All Natural. Milk from grass-fed cows. No aspartame. No sucralose. No gelatin. No artificial colorings. No preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. No rBST. Milk produced without the use recombinant bovine growth hormones. Certified Gluten-Free. Please e-mail us your Questions or Comments at