Siggis Coconut Blend, Plant-Based, Non-Dairy, Strawberry

10 g protein per serving (See nutrition facts for sat. fat content). 7 g total sugars. Certified Gluten-free. 3x more protein & 40% less sugar than leading yogurt alternatives. On average, siggi's plant-based flavored products have 1.6 g per oz, 1.9 g protein per oz., compared to the leading flavored yogurt alernatives' average of 2.9 g sugar per oz, 0.6 g protein per oz. All nautural. Non-dairy. No artificial sweeteners. No gelatin. No artificial colorings. No preservatives. At siggi's, we make yogurts with simple ingredients, and not a lot of sugar. Our products are based on the traditional foods I ate growing up in Iceland that offered wholesome satiety without a lot of highly processed ingredients. Our non-dairy, plant-based coconut blend follows this promise with a product that is satisfying and delicious. I hope you enjoy! - Siggi. Like us! (we certainly like you). Faceboook. Twitter. Instagram.