International Delight Iced Coffee 0.5 gl

Coffeehouse drink. Sweet & creamy. Made with 100% premium arabica coffee. So delightful, so easy. Our Iced Coffee is ready to drink right out of the carton. Just shake well, pour over ice and savor the ideal balance of rich coffee taste and sweetness. As a morning pick-me-up or evening treat, our Iced Coffee is so good it's worth going out for. Only now you don't have to. Authentic coffeehouse flavors, perfectly blended and ready to enjoy - only from International Delight. Ready to drink - pour over ice. Bringing the coffeehouse to your house. Now the sweet and creamy taste of premium iced coffee is just as close as your fridge! Our refreshing Original Iced Coffee gets its signature flavor from 100% arabica coffee beans, so it's always smooth and delicious, never bitter. We add just the right amount of sweetness and blend in real milk and cream for a perfectly balanced taste you'll love. The result: coffeehouse quality that you can enjoy right at home! Great coffee begins with great beans! Coffee arabica, or arabica coffee, is prized around the world for its rich, never-bitter flavor - and it's the only coffee good enough for International Delight. Did you know? Arabica plants grow for up to seven years before they begin yielding coffee beans. Ultra-pasteurized. Perishable. Made in USA.