Full Circle Wild Flounder All Natural Fish Fillets 12 Oz Bag

All-around goodness. Natural and organic foods not only taste as good as conventional foods, but often better because there are no additives to take away from the natural goodness. Our technologists work continuously to ensure that every full circle product is of the highest quality possible while meeting the most rigorous standards in the natural food industry. Full circle all natural wild flounder fillets are always wild caught and harvested from healthy runs. We work closely with a select group of quality- conscious fishermen to ensure that our products are the finest quality. Pulled from clear, clean ocean waters, these superb fish are hand- filleted and individually quick frozen at their absolute peak. This locks in the superb taste and texture that all-natural seafood has to offer. Naturally rich in beneficial oils, fish is a great source of omega- 3 fatty acids that are essential to good health. Best of all, fish is naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol and may maintain a healthy heart. Full circle is always all natural and great tasting! Cheesy broiled flounder recipe included. Wild caught - pure - all natural Quality guarantee Vacuum-pack fillets