Dan's Gourmet Mac and Cheese 9 oz

Sun-dried tomatoes with fresh kale, parmesan & feta cheeses. Olive oil. Balsamic vinegar. Gourmet side for 2. Made with all natural ingredients. 100% vegetarian. Mac pacs are for people who crave gourmet but whose schedules demand to-go. Serves one as a meal, or two people as a side. My passion for sauces, fresh food and culinary expression led me to create a collection of uniquely crafted gourmet mac & cheese recipes. I started selling my artisan mac pacs in farmers' markets in Nashville, Tennessee - Comfort food capital of the world. My fresh-frozen mac & cheeses offer that same quality: real cheeses, fresh vegetables and choice meats with no artificial preservatives. America's favorite comfort food - mac & cheese - is the food that didn't grow up with us. Thus, a line of grown up mac & cheese for the discerning palate. Indulge! - Chef Dan the Mac Man. www.dansgourmet.com. Our Mission: To comfort foodies conveniently. A Mediterranean mac medley the gods of Olympus hath blest. Olive oil, feta and sun-drieds - & balsamic + lemon for zest.