Halo Top® Mint Chip Light Ice Cream Mini Pops 6 ct Box

Light ice cream bars. 50 calories per pop. Contains 50% fewer calories than regular ice cream. Contains 150 calories per serving compared to 300 calories in 2/3 cup regular ice cream. Certified gluten-free. Good source of protein per serving. True love on a stick: Youve probably noticed that were pretty into ice cream in all forms. Plus, we figured that our pints could use some company. Inside, youll find all of the delicious flavor of our pints packed into 6 super convenient mini ice cream pops. These pops are easy on the sugar (just like our pints), and have 7 grams of protein per serving. But since theyre only 50 calories per bar, they're a little delicate so please cover their ears when screaming for ice cream. www.halotop.com. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. (hashtag)halotop.