Evol Mac & Cheese, Parmesan Truffle

Tubetti pasta and creamy truffle parmesan cheddar cheese sauce - all topped with insanely tasty panko breadcrumbs. 14 g protein. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. Vegetarian. Made with real truffles. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. So many options. Not enough freezer space. Love what you eat. We make real food with simple, easy to recognize ingredients and big taste. We care about where our ingredients come from and how they are produced - because every eating experience should feel good and be worth sharing. Go ahead, love what you eat! Meet our truffles. Our truffles grow wild in the fertile woodlands of Italy and are discovered by specially trained dogs who sniff them out at the perfect moment of maturity. This aromatic tuber is often referred to as the black of diamond of food! evolfoods.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Please recycle. Our bowls are made from recyclable CPET plastic. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified fiber sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org.