Seal The Seasons Michigan Sliced Peaches 32 oz

Frozen at peak freshness. 50 calories. 10 g sugar. 0 mg sodium. Great lakes grown. Non-GMO. Family farms. Certified B corporation. Support American farmers. One of our farmers. Brian Wernsrom. Peterson farms. Seal the Seasons: The Farmers Market in your Freezer! Our mission is to make local food available to everyone. By partnering with trusted family farms near you, we source the best of your community's fruit all year-round. Local food is better: reduces your carbon footprint, supports jobs in your community, and is great for your taste buds. Brian Wernstrom. Peterson farms/Shelby, MI. My opportunity to own the operate a farm came form a retiring grower in 2008. My long-term focus is on growing quality fruits. My brother, father, mother, and uncle all help with growing, along with a farm manager ad his family who's been here for 30 years. Farming is a challenging business. The greatest delivering a quality nutritious fruits consumers to enjoy. Want to learn more about your local food? Discover your family farmer's store, great recipes from your community, and details on where your food comes from! Connect with us and the rest of your local food community online: Facebook/sealtheseasons. Instagram.(at)sealtheseasons. Country of Origin: United States.