Juicy Juice Splashers Juice Pouches Tropical Twist- 10 CT

Juicy Juice® Splashers® Juice Pouches Tropical Twist. 50% Less sugar vs. the leading juice*. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial sweeteners or colors. A refreshing blend of fruit juice and filtered water. Sweetened only with fruit juice. Flavored juice beverage blend from concentrate with other natural flavors. 100% Daily value of vitamin C per serving. 10 - 6 fl oz (177 ml) Pouches. Net 60 fl oz (1.87 qt) (1.77 L). Goodness Made Juicy®. Our delicious sweetness comes straight from the fruit, that's it! Contains 50% juice. This product is pasteurized. *Juicy Juice® Splashers® contains 10 grams compared to the Leading juice at 21 grams of sugar. Juicy Juice, Juicy Juice Splashers and Goodness Made Juicy are registered trademarks of Harvest Hill Beverage Co. Pouch shape is a registered trademark licensed from Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH. All rights reserved. Visit us at: www.juicyjuice.com for more information. ©2016 Harvest Hill Beverage Company.