+RED Power Elixir Berry Citrus Power Beverage 12 oz

120 calories per container. Vegan. Gluten free. Soy free. Stimulating: 160 mg of natural caffeine. Recharge. Extend. Defend. Snap cap will not prevent leakage. Elixir Elements: Immune Boosting: Red marine algae fights invading organisms + toxins. Natural flavors, colors + caffeine. Antioxidants from green coffee bean extract. Muscle Recovery: Aminos L-Arginine & L-Carnitine. Neuro Function: B-vitamin complex to stay sharp + focused. Hydration: Electrolytes for body balance. +Red Power Elixir provides the stamina you need to turn it on and keep it burning. +Red Power Elixir, the first of its kind. This precision formula has been researched engineered developed with the power of red marine algae, green coffee bean extract, b-complex, electrolytes and the super amino blend of l-arginine & l-carnitine to recharge extend defend. www.redelixir.com. Follow us at: Instagram. Facebook. (at)plusredelixir. Recycle! Made in USA.