Megachef Fish Sauce

No color & artificial flavors added. Gluten Free. Preservative free; No MSG added. Preservative free. No MSG added. 30 Degrees North. Inspired Since 1948. Megachef Premium Anchovy Sauce is made from the highest quality fresh anchovies that is mixed with sea salt, pure and simple. The sauce is brewed for 2 years, during which time it slowly ferments developing a deep rich flavor and beautiful color. Naturally fermented for 2 years. The Islamic Committee Office of Thailand. Thailand NO. 3099. Salt crystals may appear naturally in high quality anchovy sauce. These salt crystals are harmless. This product is produced under strict food safety management system that conforms with GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC). GMP Certified. HACCP Certified. ISO 9001 Certified. ISO 2000 Certified. BRC Global Standards Certified. Product of Thailand.