White Lily All Purpose Enriched Bleached Flour 32 Oz Bag

Since 1883, white lily has been "the light baking flour." White lily is made from only pure, soft wheat, so biscuits always turn out high, light and fluffy. And that's why they call white lily "the light baking flour". White lily "light" biscuits and banana nut bread recipes on bag. Why white lily? White lily is made from 100% soft winter wheat, not hard wheat or wheat blends like other brands. Soft wheat is lower in protein, and protein is the enemy of light, high-rising, delicate baking! The key to true southern baking is low protein, soft wheat flour. While lily used only the highest quality Ingredients, ground finer and sifted longer. Compare white lily side by side to other flours, you'll see how much whiter and fluffier white lily is! White lily packages only the finest "fancy patent" flour from the mill stream. Almost half of what is milled never sees the inside of a white lily bag! The result is the purest, lightest flour. Cup for cup, white lily weighs up to 15% less than other flours and therefore needs a bigger bag! Have you ever noticed the white lily flour bag is taller than others o the shelf? Doughs made with white lily flour are moister, softer and easier to handle. Less work and mess when you bake with white lily! Whether it's biscuits, cakes, pie crusts, or any baking you'd like to be proud of, choose the secret of successful bakers throughout the south, white lily - "the light baking flour". Made from Pure Soft Winter Wheat A Southern Tradition Since 1883 The Light Baking Flour