McCormick Gourmet All Natural Ground Mace, 1.5 oz

Even the name of the evergreen tree that produces both mace and nutmeg – Myristica fragrans – tells you that this is an aromatic spice. Mace is the spicy-sweet spice from the thin, bright-red aril or lace-like covering over the nutmeg kernel. Use mace as a one-to-one substitution for nutmeg. Mace delivers a slightly sweeter, more delicate version of nutmeg’s warm, spicy flavor. Lighter colored mace is preferable for cream sauces, Swedish meatballs, potatoes, root vegetables, fish, chicken and custard-based desserts. In Indian cuisine, mace is toasted with other whole spices then ground and added to curries. Mace can be used in sweet recipes similar to nutmeg, including chocolate desserts, pound cake, donuts, pumpkin pie and carrot cake.