Spice Islands® Chicken Stock Base 3.2 oz. Jar

Est. 1941. www.spiceislands.com. Oregano, often called the “pizza herb,” is a member of the mint family. Spice Islands bottles select oregano for use in an array of foods with South American, Italian, Middle Eastern and European roots. Oregano complements the flavor of egg and cheese dishes, as well as lamb, pork and beef entrees. Try sauteeing vegetables in olive oil, Spice Islands Garlic and Oregano.; Unlike some herbs, whose characteristics mellow when they dry, oregano’s flavor and aroma actually intensify. Bitter with a slight lemon highlight, oregano is a member of the mint family. Although, you’d never know it from the way it tastes.; We source our Spice Islands oregano from Mexico because of its high volatile oil content. And only harvest the plants at the peak of their vitality to ensure the most pungent flavor and piercing aroma. Oregano complements a variety of foods but shines in Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.; We search the world for spices and herbs of the highest quality. Then we craft and package them to deliver the most authentic and intense flavor possible. That’s why home chefs who have a taste for flavor adventure and everyday cooks who just want better tasting meals fill their pantries with Spice Islands.