Orion Choco Pie Biscuit, Fluffy, with Marshmallow Filling

120 calories. Low sodium. 0 g trans fat. No trans fat, no preservatives, no artificial colors. Low fat. The new taste of nostalgia. Just as the sweet chocolate coating touches your tongue; just as you sink your teeth into the soft and fluffy biscuit; just as the chewy marshmallow is perfectly combined with the chocolate and biscuits. Close your eyes for a moment to remember the good memories. The summer nights around the campfire with your family and friends, sticks of marshmallows in your hands, enjoying their chewy sweetness. The cold winter days at home watching your favorite movie, a mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallow in your hands, content with happiness. When your mind wanders to the memories of those good days, have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with an Orion Choco Pie. We hope that for a moment, you can enjoy some peace and happiness in the midst of your busy day with Orion Choco Pie. Yours truly, all of us at Orion. Share your thoughts with us & tell your friends about Orion Choco Pie on our facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/chocopie.