Excelsior Genuine Jamaican Water Crackers Cinnamon

Excelsior® Cinnamon Fat Free Genuine Jamaican Water Crackers. May be used like a cereal. These unique "fat free" crackers were first produced at no. 2 Church St., Kingston in 1911, using wood-burning brick ovens, which gave them their special taste and "toughness." At that time the freshly baked crackers were sorted and packed by hand into wooden barrels. Excelsior water crackers were soon available in every town and village and to this day form a favourite part of the Jamaican diet. The present factory at Spanish Town Road was built in 1952, still maintaining the old type of brick ovens. Today's Excelsior water crackers continue to be uniquely Jamaican and are made in a fully automated modern facility to the highest standards. Excelsior water crackers go well with all things Jamaican, and are a favourite with cheese, Solomon Gundy , steamed fish, and as a breakfast cereal or by themselves as a healthy snack! Enjoy fresh tasting, healthy Excelsior water crackers... Jamaica's favourite! Guaranteed fresh. The Jamaica Biscuit Company appreciates your comments. Call 1888-BISCUIT or 876-923-6477 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.