LifeSavers Sugar Free Hard Candy, Sorbets - Artic Berry

0g Sugar Carbs. Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry. Cool mouth refreshment like sorbets! Individually wrapped. Artificially flavored. Discover the delicious cool mouth refreshment of Sugar Free LifeSavers Sorbet. Each refreshing piece is not only sugar free, but also contains 40% fewer calories than the leading fruit-flavored hard candy! Enjoy the mouthwatering refreshment of LifeSavers candies in Sugar Free! Carbohydrate Facts: Total Carbs 15g, Subtract Sugar Alcohol 14g = Carb Count 1g. For those counting carbs to help control their blood sugar level, the 14 grams of Carbohydrates in this product come from Sugar Alcohol, which has a minimal impact on blood sugar. Be sure to count calories too. This product contains 40 Calories per Serving compared to 70 Calories per Serving of the leading fruit-flavored hard candy.