Clairol Age Defy Medium Golden Blonde 8G Permanent Hair Color 1 ea

Innovative. Tri-Plex formula. New formula. Youthful radiant. Luminous color targets stubborn grays. 100% gray coverage. 1 application. Same great shade. Hair looks 10 years younger! Intensifying pre-treat serum. Improved color intensity, for youthful, healthy looking hair. Radiant Long Lasting Color: Rich color creme, targets 100% stubborn grays, while giving you long lasting radiant color for up to 8 weeks. Antioxidant-Infused Conditioner: Helps restore every strand to reveal stunningly smooth hair and restores all-over radiance. This Package Contains: Age Defy intensifying pre-treat serum. Age defy rich permanent color creme. Age defy activating creme. CC+ ColorSeal conditioning therapy. Premium colorist glvoes. Bi-lingual instructional leaflet. Tri-Plex Formula: Helps protect hair structure and reduce hair breakage. Check out this color on you. Download MyShade. Questions? Call the Expert Color Consultants at 1-800-Clairol (252-4765) or visit our website at Made in Mexico.