One A Day Multivitamin, Complete, Advanced, Prenatal

Dietary Supplement. No artificial flavors. No gluten. 30 prenatal multivitamin softgels & 30 prenatal choline tablets. OB/GYN recommended brand. Triple Brain Support: Folic Acid; DHA; Choline. With brain support. Our Simple Promise: No artificial flavors; No artificial sweeteners; No synthethic colors; No gluten. What makes it advanced? Its a complete prenatal multivitamin with advanced nutritional support for you babys brain and cognitive development. It has folic acid, DHA and Choline. So its better support for babys brain and cognitive development than most other prenatal vitamins that have just folic acid and/or DHA. What is Choline? Choline is an essential nutrient recommended by the American Medical Association for babys brain and cognitive development, including learning and memory. Thats why we provide an excellent source of choline. Questions or comments? Please text or call 1-800-800-4793 (Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM EST). (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended ti diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.) Multivitamins Softgel: Product of Spain. Choline Tablet: Made in Italy.