Raid Outdoor Fresh Scent Ant & Roach Killer 17.5 oz

SC Johnson a Family Company. Kills on contact. No lingering chemical odor. Defense system. Helps you work smarter, not harder, to fight bugs. Remove food spills and exposed food. Store food in sealed containers. Caulk any points where bugs enter into wall voids, cracks and crevices, including entry points from outside or neighboring units.Use This Product To: Attack bugs. Kill bugs on contact. Use to kill ants, roaches and other listed bugs on contact. Avoid spraying near baits to make sure bugs can bring the bait back to where they hide. Spray. Kills: ants, roaches, crickets, earwigs, household spiders, multi-colored asian lady beetles, silverfish, stinkbugs. Contains No CFCs or other ozone depleting substance. Federal regulations prohibit CFC propellants in aerosols.