Little Black Dressing Dressing, It Takes Three to Tango

The best of 1000, ranch and bleu cheese. All natural. Dress up your salad. Color and consistency may vary slightly. If there's one thing I've learned from all girls' college and having 3 girls of my own, you can't get by without the classic LBD or Little Black Dress. When you were in a hurry, when you wanted to make an impression, no matter what you tried on - you always went back to the oohs and aahs of your Little Back Dress. Even though I don’t' wear that LBD in the kitchen, I have found a way to get those oohs and ahhs every night with my Little Black Dressing. I borrowed from my grandmother's recipe to create the perfect complement to any salad. No matter what anyone brought into our home my Little Black Dressing was always the one everyone went home talking about - and they will do the same with you if you try one of my dressings on for size! Enjoy and God bless! - Kissie.