Nestle Milo Drink

The energy food drink. Per Portion (Portion: 20 g of Milo + 30 ml of milk): 136 kcal/567 kj energy (8%). Child's GDA (GDA: Guideline Daily Amounts of an average 8 year old child (7140 kj/1700 kcal)). Activ-Go. Protomalt. Vitamins. Minerals. New. Energy to go further. Active-Go contains protomalt, a unique malt extract and is also a source of micronutrients which plays a role in energy release, muscle function and bone maintenance that are essential functions for physical activity in children. Nutritional Compass: Nestle - Good food, good life. Good to Know: Milo is made from the natural goodness of malt, milk and cocoa, providing nutritious energy and the great taste children low. Good to Remember: A nutritious breakfast coupled with an active lifestyle can help your child stay energized and focus in school and at sports. Good to Talk: Scan to learn more about the nutritional environmental and social aspects of this product. Dispose of properly.