Yama Moto Yama Kizammy Seaweed, Finely Cut

Kizammy finely cut seaweed is a savory sea vegetable gently grown in the sun and surf. Just a sprinkle on your favorite foods adds vitamins and minerals along with a zesty flavor. The re-closeable zipper pouch helps keep Kizammy airtight, always fresh and ready to use. Kizammy goes with a variety of dishes. Try these serving suggestions, or have fun experimenting on your own! Spaghetti: For a change of pace, try Kizammy on your pasta along with cheese, Tabasco or other toppings. Omelet: A pinch of Kizammy on top brings out the flavor and goodness of any omelet. Seafood Salad: A perfect match! A fresh, special touch for all types of salads. Open-Face Sandwich: Like a mild herb topping, Kizammy adds a touch of elegance to casual fare. Or you may also like to try Kizammy on the following: pizza, chilled soba or udon; dips; devilled eggs; soups. www.yamamotoyama.com.