At Nam Dae Mun, we offer an incredible selection of exotic foods that you simply won’t find in traditional markets. Our goal is to enrich the lifestyles of the communities we serve, including many diverse ethnic families, by offering a wide variety of international foods, general merchandise and household items sourced from around the world.

In this page, we provide information and tips about immune boosting foods to our customers.

What Healthy Foods Can Help Boost My Immune System?
Pork (pair with Garlic and Onion), Sweet Potato (pair with Apple and Milk), Colored Bell Peppers (pair with Black Bean and Strawberries), Brown Rice (pair with Green Pea and Tofu), and Mackerel (pair with Radish andd Eggplant).

Boost Immune System (Download PDF – 472 KB)

Boost Your Metabolism and Energy with Superfood Whole-Grain
Black Rice, Black Bean, Grains (Sorghum and Millet), Barley, Perilla, and five different colors of fruits and vegetables for your health (such as Red Food, Yellow Food, Green Food, Purple Food and White Food).

Superfood Whole Grain (Download PDF – 476 KB)

Golden Food Turmeric Tonic / Health Benefits of Herbal Teas
Turmeric Powder, Ginger, Citrus Fruits, and Honey. Learn how to prepare a Turmeric Tonic with these ingredients. Also, read the health benefits of herbal teas (Red Ginseng, Young Ji, Tu Chung, Ssanghwa, and Ginseng).

Golden Food Turmeric Tonic Teas (Download PDF – 448 KB)

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Simple Steps for a Healthier You!
Vitamin B (Black Bean, Tofu, Chicken, Avocado). Vitamin C (Citrus Fruit, Kiwi, Broccoli, Bell Pepper). Vitamin D (Mushroom, Milk, Egg Yolk). Zinc (Oyster, Anchovy, Beef, Grains). Selenium (Brazil Nut, Chia Seed, Spinach, Garlic).

5 Immune Boosting Nutrients (Download PDF – 368 KB)

Daily Habits and Juices to Boost Immunity
Practice good hygiene, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, eat balanced diet, and maintain healthy temperature. Also, download to learn more about ABC Juice, Green Juice, and Vitamin Booster Juice.

Boost Immunity with Daily Habits and Juices (Download PDF – 372 KB)

10 Steps to Healthy Eating / Probiotics / Juice & Tonic Benefits by Types
Download this file to learn more about how to eat healthy with ten simple steps, what probiotics are and why they are important for body and immune system, and benefits of different healthy juices.

Healthy Eating / Probiotics / Juice Tonic Benefits (Download PDF – 488 KB)