A Sha Dry Noodle Hakka Flat Noodle, Chili Sauce, 5 Pack

Super hot. No seafood. No shellfish. Non-fried. This products is environmentally friendly bags packaging film using the second category, certificate no. 0398. USA Contact Information: Phone: +1 562 888 asha (2742); Web: www.ashadrynoodle.com. Product: Hakka Flat Noodle (Chili Sauce). Contents: Noodle, sauce. Net Weights: 5 x (74 g noodle + 21 g sauce). Place of Origin: Taiwan. A-Sha Story: Asha Foods in an international food manufacturer and developer based in Taiwan, producing the newest and most innovative food products. Asha Foods' company mission is to always adhere to sourcing the highest quality all natural ingredients, strict standards on manufacturing practices and testing, with a focus on consumer safety and satisfaction. The promise we make to our customers is to always use natural ingredients with no added MSG and preservatives for healthy sustainable eating in our high quality and delicious products. From our ingredients, to manufacturing, to our packaging, customer safety and satisfaction is our top goal. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions. Asha Noodles: Does not use bleaching agents or flour quality conditioners in our all natural noodles; carefully selected 99.9% fine sifted wheat flour twice filtered; completely air-dried and non-fried noodles; simple ingredients, complex taste; convenient cooking, natural and easy to prepare; eco friendly packaging. MIT: Made in Taiwan. Product of Taiwan.