Session Series Lager, Premium Golden, Export

Limited release. A beer that goes to 11 (fluid ounces). Why have a beer when you could have a Session. Prost! Salud! Skol! Here's mud in your eye! FS: 47. A rich lager with an elegant, malty finish. Does this bottle make my neck look fat? Session Export: all the rage in Bierbongburg. Beerbellistan. FSBCO. 11 fluid ounce stubby bottles. Session Export is part of the Session Series, available for a limited time each year. It's rich and full-bodied for a lager, with an elegant, malty finish. You know, the kind of beer they'd love us to export to exotic far-off lands. Chugmenistan, for instance. Have a good Session! Port authority. Brewzistan. Approved. FSBCO. So rich, so elegant. So well-traveled. Short on neck. Long on flavor. Glass recycles. Corrugated recycles. We support Blue Sky renewable energy. Coming to finest Saludenegro grocers soon. Grand-duche de thirstia. Since 1987. Brewed and bottled by Full Sail Brewing Co., Hood River, Oregon.