Crispy bite since. Since 1986. Award winning. All natural. Great taste. Kid Kritics Approved. Joseph Semprevivo - CEO. Good health, a positive attitude, and education are the keys to success. Stay in school. I am Joseph and I've been a diabetic since the age of nine. In 1986, my parents and I founded Joseph's to help satisfy the needs of all diabetics, parents, children, and health conscious consumers. We care about the needs of our customers and our team members. We feel that large corporations are solely focused on the bottom line, which leads to full automation and fewer employees. That's why our cookies are made by hand. By offering our team member Life Time Employment, they will not have to explain to their families that they were replaced by automated equipment. Joseph's produces Sugar Free cookies, pancake syrup, brownies, and other fine products. Because of our great tasting quality products, we have won the American Taste Award, The quality Hero Award, and the Superior Product Award. Our products are competitively priced ounce per ounce. I guarantee you'll love our great tasting products. I would like to dedicate this product to my parents, Jo Marie and Larry, who inspired me to develop this line of health conscious products. Sincerely, Joseph. For more information call Florida Office: (772) 589-3113 or visit our website at: Recommended & Endorsed by: National Health & Wellness Club. Member tested and recommended. Made in the USA.