CRACKER BARREL Natural Garlic & Herb Cheese Slices

Cracker Barrel Garlic and Herb Cheddar Cheese Slices take the classic sandwich cheese slice to another level. The addition of garlic and other herbs creates a rich, country-style flavor. These cheddar slices add that something extra to deli sandwiches at lunchtime or pair well with crackers on a cheese platter. From the makers of award-winning cheese, Cracker Barrel garlic and herb cheddar cheese slices contain 70 calories per serving. This bag of cheese gives you a tasty combination of flavors and textures whether youre making a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich or eating it by itself. Each 6 ounce package of pre-sliced cheese contains 10 cheese slices, while resealable bag helps to lock in flavor between uses, so each sandwich you make tastes as great as the first one.