CB Old Country Store Sweet Smoked Ham

CB Old Country Store Sweet Smoked Ham is slow-cooked to ensure mouthwatering flavor, and each fully cooked ham is ready to slice in the deli for meal prep convenience. This smoked deli ham is made from high-quality pork with no fillers for a ready to eat meal option you and your family can trust. CB Old Country Store hams are perfect for a delicious ham sandwich or a quick oven-to-table meal on busy nights. This gluten free ham is smoked with natural flavors to ensure it's they're packed with the savory taste that elevates your hot and cold recipes. Whether you're making breakfast sandwiches in the morning with this sliced ham lunch meat or flavoring your mac and cheese at dinnertime, CB Old Country Store Sweet Smoked Ham is a guaranteed hit for flavorful family meals. Sliced at the deli, this smoked deli ham packed resealable plastic to maximize freshness and lock in the flavorful juices. Keep this deli smoked ham refrigerated to enjoy tasty snacks or meals in minutes. From smoked turkey breast to honey smoked ham, CB Old Country Store deli meats bring home the homestyle taste.