Fifty 50 Creme Filled Wafers, Strawberry Vanilla

Low glycemic. Artificially flavored. Half our profits fund Diabetes Research. Sugar free. for use in a Low glycemic diet. Not for weight control. NutraSweet brand sweetener. For Use in a Low Glycemic Diet: A low glycemic diet is based on carbohydrate choices that deliver a slow and steady release of energy. Fifty 50 Creme filled wafers have been clinically tested and qualify as a low glycemic food. But you'll also enjoy their sweet taste and crisp texture and feel good knowing that Fifty 50 donates 50% of our profits to Diabetes research. To date, our contributions have totaled over $9 million. Exchange Information for People with Diabetes: 6 Wafers equal 1 Starch or other Carbohydrate and 2 Fat exchanges. Calculations based on exchange lists for meal planning, Copyright 2003, American Diabetes Association, Inc. The American Dietetic Association. Product of Canada.