Chillycow Ice Cream, Light, Chocolate Brownie Batter

Light ice cream with a good source of protein (Per 4 fl oz). 60% fewer calories (Compared to leading ice creams). 12 g protein. 75% less sugar (Compared to leading ice creams). 80% less fat (Compared to leading ice creams). Made with ultra-filtered nonfat milk. 190 calories per tub. Chocolate ice cream. Brownie batter swirls. 2 half pints. Fat reduced from 80%, from 28 g to 5 g and calories reduced 60%, from 540 to 190 per serving compared to leading ice creams. 75% less sugar per serving, 52 g to 13 g compared to leading ice creams. Chocolate with chocolate on chocolate. Yeah, chocolate! Am I dreaming?