Blue Bunny Mini Swirls, Cherry Cheesecake

Cheesecake frozen dairy dessert with a cherry swirl dipped in cream cheese flavored coating all inside a cherry flavored coated sugar cone. 140 cal per cone. New. 8 mini cones. Frozen dairy dessert. Seize the swirl. It's mini swirl time. A tasty treat that's no biggie. Grab life by the cone. Whoa! Cheesecake. Swirled cheesecake deliciousness. Extra cherry punch. Crunchy sugar cone. Dipped creamy coating. Bonus cherry candy bite. Years & years with Bunny ears. Wells since 1913. To be sold by carton only. Contents are not marked for individual sale. Fun comes in all sizes. Enjoy this one. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram. Visit us at Like these? Discover more fun and flavorful varieties from Blue Bunny. Recyclable.