Beechers Mac & Cheese, World's Best

Vegetarian. Serves 2-4. Customers tell us it's the world's best and we think you'll agree. Savor the richness of penne folded with our award-winning flagship cheese. Authentic. Original. It's the cheese. Located in Seattle's Pike Place Market and New York City's Flatiron District, visitors to our glass-walled cheesemaking kitchens witness firsthand the centuries-old craftsmanship that goes into every batch of our award-winning cheese. Beecher's handmade cheese makes food only with ingredients we trust, are proud of, and eat ourselves. It's authentic and original food, full of flavor. At Beecher's Handmade Cheese, we care deeply about the health, well-being and culinary delight of our customers. We have a passion for - a and commitment to - a philosophy of wholesome nutrition. Try any one of our award-winning products and experience that passion firsthand. For more information please visit or email customerlove(at) Beecher's Foundation: In keeping with our commitment to pure food, Beecher's donate 1% of all sales to The Beecher Foundation, which is on a mission to radically direct programming, the foundation educates and inspires people to eat real food and vote with every food dollar. Since the non profit 501 (cents)(3) was formed in 2004, more than 150,000 youth, teens and adults have experience the foundation's unique food education workshops in New York City and the Puget Sound region. Over one-third report having made material changes in their diet as a result. Join us at Our packaging is 100% recyclable and earth friendly. Made in the USA.