Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-Ups Beef & Tomato Ravioli

GRaDuates for toddlers. pasta pick-ups. NEW self feed Tray. Beef & Tomato Ravioli in beef flavored broth naturally flavored with other natural flavors. Supports HEALTHY GROWTH & Development. - Provides Protein. - Pasta made with Whole Grain. NO PRESERVATIVES. DRAINED WT 3 OZ (85g). Start your Child on a Course to Healthy Nutrition. Your child may be ready if he or she: - Stands alone and begins to walk alone. - Feeds self easily with fingers. - Bites through a variety of textures. Nestle, Start Healthy Stay Healthy. Made for Toddlers: - Tender Pieces- with the right size and texture. Good for Toddlers: - Pasta Made with Whole Grain. - 10g of Whole Grains Per Serving. - Provides Protein. New Tray Design, Easy To Self Feed. - Wider tray opening, easier to pick up pasta. - Stable on the table. - Convenient, just heat & serve.