Cerelac Infant Cereal, Wheat & Milk

Stage 1. Iron. Vitamin A,. Infant cereals from 7 months. Rice based vegetables flavoured infant cereal with milk powder. Suitable for vegetarians. Nestle Cerelac wheat milk cereal is highly nutritious for babies from 6 months onwards when breast-milk alone or formula can no longer totally cover the baby's growing nutritional requirements. Easy to digest. Helping digestive comfort: Nestle Cerelac wheat & milk is made using a unique process where carefully sourced cereals and hydrolyzed enzymatically (CHE). This process breaks down the cereal into smaller easily digested parts. The CHE process provides; Smooth texture making swallowing easier. Ease of digestion for baby's tender stomach. Improved taste. What's more, the cereal does not get lumpy or thicken on standing for as long as it takes to feed your baby! Providing for you baby's growing needs: Infants have special dietary needs for growth, but have small tummies. Infants require food that is rich in nutrients, but within a small volume of food. Nestle Cerelac is an excellent source of energy, with complex carbohydrates that are enriched with key nutrients suitable for baby's little tummy. Developed with Nestles nutritional research. Prepared in Spain.