HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water 11 oz

Zero caffeine. Zero calories. Hydrogen infused water is clinically proven to increase athletic performance. Reduce inflammation from exercise. Deliver powerful powerful antioxidants. Pure water. Pure hydrogen. Expect more from your water. Thirst for more. If water is life, shouldn't it be awesome? We want ours pure and powerful. So we infuse extra hydrogen that speeds straight into cells, where it turns up the body's ability to reduce inflammation from exercise. Antioxidants activate and enzymes engage, repairing environmental stress, soothing soreness and amping energy. Basic has evolved. hfactorwater.com. Follow the movement that's fact, not fad (at)Hfactorwater. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. For water quality & information, contact: Hyedge Inc. at 888-501-0908. BPA free. Packed in the USA.