SANPELLEGRINO Italian Sparkling Drinks Organic Limonata, 6.76 oz. glass bottle 4-pack

SANPELLEGRINO Organic Limonata (Lemon) is made with certified organic Italian lemons from Sicily, organic cane sugar and natural lemon aroma to give you the authentic Italian taste experience. A vibrant fresh lemon taste is balanced with a pleasant, crisp acidity. It all comes together with a fine sparkling water to create an intensely refreshing drink, possible only from the best quality lemons. SANPELLEGRINO has been delighting the world with authentic Italian taste since 1932. Enriched with certified organic fruit, the Organic range comes in unique fruity flavours that emphasise Italian fruit, and nothing else. The Organic range is the perfect drink to accompany you on tasty breaks that will take you on a trip to the sunny orchards of Italy.Take the time for taste.