Hampstead Tea Calming Infusion 20 ea

Organic fairtrade. A benign, reflective infusion combining the calming and soporific effects of valerian, camomile and lemon balm. This unique formulation gently eases away nervous tension and anxiety and promotes restful sleep. Good for the entire family, including children. Drink before bedtime or when under stress. The herbs in this infusion are cultivated at progressive organic/biodynamic estates such as SEKEM, where sustainable and ethical agriculture are practiced. Our exceptional herbal infusions have clear, true flavours and are made from nature's finest pure and natural ingredients. We select only the highest quality and most fragrant plants to produce jewel bright infusions to nourish, calm, revive, relax, or stimulate. Meticulous drying of the plants ensures preservation of all their natural oils and health promotes benefits. Enjoy. In keeping with our philosophy, our teas are free from all artificial additives and GMOs and all our packaging is fully biodegradable. Our unique teabags are also non-chlorine bleached and staple free. Please send any questions and comments to The Hempstead Tea & Coffee Co. PO Box 52474, London NW3 9DA England. www.hempsteadtea.com. The Demeter logo is the symbol for biodynamic products. Biodynamic farming is a very special form of organic farming, founded in the 1920's and practiced worldwide. It is often described as organic plus as each farm is unique and self-sustaining, in balance with soil, plant, animal and cosmic processes. Biodynamic farmers use specially formulated energizing herbal compost preparations and a lunar calendar to help them determine when to sow and harvest. All ingredients are biodynamic/organic and naturally caffeine free. Organic certification UK6. Packed in the UK.