Triple Leaf Brand Dieter's Green Herbal Tea, 20 Tea Bag

Herbal Dietary Supplement. New look. No caffeine. Quality teas & herbs. 100% natural. Triple Leaf Brand. Triple Leaf Brand Teas are made and blended from unique formulas, with the full taste and benefits of traditional Chinese herbology. Based in San Francisco, California since 1983, our company's mission has been to manufacture and market teas that maximize the teas' flavor and sustain the herbal effectiveness of the blends. Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves by using only premium quality selected teas and herbs to create delicious and flavorful teas. Now we are proud to introduce a new packaging design to celebrate the exceptional tea that we have committed ourselves to make for your enjoyment through the years. We wish you harmony and health this year and in the coming years. Triple Leaf Brand Dieter's Green Herbal Tea is a unique blend prepared according to a traditional Chinese herbal formula. The herbs in our formulas are those used in ancient villages of China by Chinese herbalists since approximately 2500 BC. Dieter's Green Herbal Tea uses selected premium Chinese herbs, giving you a delicious caffeine-free beverage together with full herbal benefits. It is a delicious tea that complements a diet program. In addition to this tea, we recommend eating a well-balanced diet including vegetables, fruits, juices, water and exercising regularly. This tea offers a rich, satisfying taste - either hot or cold. Please recycle. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please recycle. Made in USA.