Triple Leaf Tea Cold & Flu Time Tea - 20 CT

Triple Leaf Tea® Cold & Flu Time™ Tea. Naturally caffeine-free. Ancient Chinese herbs & teas®. Supports respiratory health.* Chinese herbal support for healthy breathing & throat health.* Helps maintain a healthy immune system.* Herbal dietary supplement. Tea bags. Net Wt. 1.06 oz. (30 g). Triple Leaf Tea's ancient Chinese herbs & teas: Traditional Chinese use of herbs and teas dates back thousands of years. Recently, here in the West, people have discovered the value of this ancient practice. Tea drinkers are able to enjoy a wider variety of Chinese herbs and teas that rarely were used in the West until recent times. Different parts of plants are used, including the leaves, stems, roots, barks, seeds and flowers. Herbs are often blended together, and prepared and consumed as teas. The Chinese tradition of using herbs and teas has been passed on from generation to generation over the centuries. Triple Leaf Tea comes from such a tradition. It is made by a Chinese American family-owned business. The company owner can remember stories of his own grandfather selling herbs and teas in his village in China. Today these traditional Chinese herbs and teas are available to you. We wish you harmony, balance and well-being. The Cold & Flu time herbal tea tradition. This comforting and delicious traditional Chinese herbal tea helps the body to naturally maintain balance, without the use of ephedra or ma huang.* The herbs in this tea have a long history of traditional use to help support the healthy function of the respiratory system.* Mulberry and imperata (cogongrass) were used to help support healthy nasal and sinus function and healthy breathing, and to help support healthy lung function.* Honeysuckle, kudzu (pueraria), siler, isatis and Chinese mint were used to help support throat health.* Honeysuckle, dandelion, lophatherum, uncaria and licorice root are considered cooling and were used to help promote normal detoxification.* Ginger and Abrus fruticulosus were used to help support healthy stomach and digestive system function.* Astragalus was used to help maintain the healthy function of the immune system and to help promote healthy resistance.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Non GMO Project Verified. Blended and packed in California, U.S.A. See inside flap for brewing directions. We use oxygen bleached tea bags. Our boxes are made from recycled paperboard. Please recycle. Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction, or your money back. Call: 1-800-552-7448.