Safe Catch Wild Tuna, Pure

Paleo certified. Non GMO Project verified. The only best brand to test every tuna for mercury. Protecting you & our oceans. Delicious slow cooked premium wild tuna steak. A healthier & better tasting tuna. Every single tuna tested for mercury. 1 in 4 fish doesn't meet our strict limit. Hand packed to retain all Omega-3s and slow cooked to perfection. 100% sustainably caught. Great for athletes, kids and pregnant women. Dolphin safe. Turtle safe. 8x lower mercury than albacore tuna (FDA reported Hg avg. (1990-2012)). Sustainably caught. Additive free. Solid steak. Slow cook. 40 g protein per can. More Omega 3s. Mercury average is 22x below FDA limit and the lowest mercury of any brand. American Pregnancy Association. Packed in Thailand.