Pledge Clean It Stainless Steel Lemon Zest Everyday Cleaner 9.7 oz Aerosol

Removes smudges and adds amazing shine! Experience stainless steel as it was meant to be. Pledge Stainless Steel Cleaner improves the appearance of stainless steel surfaces throughout your home by removing fingerprints, smudges, smears, and messes without leaving a waxy buildup. A gentle clean with a beautiful shine to help your home look its best. Whether you want to clean it, beautify it or revive it, Pledge has a collection of products for almost every surface and need. Available in several refreshing fragrances. Works On: Stainless steel appliances, sinks, trash cans, ranges, countertops, and grill exteriors. Removes: Fingerprints, smudges, smears, messes, and dust. Environmental Facts: Produced with more than 30% renewable energy. Contains no petroleum-based propellants. Contains no CFCs or other ozone depleting substances. Steel can. Please recycle. Federal regulations prohibit CFC propellants in aerosols.