Febreze Air Refresher, Light, Bamboo 7.5 ml

Not a fan of air fresheners that go heavy on the scent? Then here’s your match. Febreze LIGHT Small Spaces odor eliminator continuously delivers gentle freshness for 45 days with no heavy perfumes. Just a clean, subtle scent that’ll refresh your smallest rooms. Simply set it and forget it to give your bathroom, bedroom, or even that overstuffed shoe closet the fresh, balanced scent-ness it deserves. Febreze LIGHT Small Spaces come in a range of light and airy scents. With relaxing scents of watery, green, and floral, LIGHT Bamboo will transport your senses to a magical rainforest. It’s the only convenient all-in-one Febreze odor eliminator sure to freshen all your nooks and crannies.