Mariquitas Classic Plantain Chips, Hot & Spicy

Cholesterol free. 0 g trans fat. The plantain the taste of the tropics is a delicious tropical fruit similar in texture to the banana but with a delightful unique taste. The plantain could be eaten raw but it is commonly cooked before it is consumed. In making our deliciously Hot & Spicy Flavor Plantain Chips, we use the highest quality green plantains which are then peeled, sliced and cooked in 100% non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. To complete this high-standard process, we add our exclusively hot & spicy seasoning. You will find that our Mariquitas Classic Plantain Chips offer you a new and exciting tropical alternative to the other snack chips. No preservatives or additives are used in the making of National Food Plantain Chips. Made fresh in the USA. Made in USA.