Nexcare First Aid Mask, All Purpose

Proven effective in reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. Helps provide relief from common household dust, ragweed pollen and yard dusts. Provides relief and allows freer breathing for allergy sufferers. 99% Filter efficiency against ragweed pollen. Helps reduce the spread of gems and bacteria. Filters out 96% of wearer's exhaled airborne bacteria. (As determined by the Modified Greene and Vesley test method.) Effectively warms and moistens inhaled air, making breathing easier. Nexcare first aid. Feels better. Is better. Ideal For: Infant and elderly care; Yard and house work; Outdoor winter activities. Easy to breathe through. Lets you talk easily, doesn't muffle your voice. Nose band shapes to fit bridge of your nose for a comfortable fit. Latex free. Made in U.S.A.