McCormick Gourmet Organic Ground Coriander, 1.25 oz

Warm and sweet with a hint of lemon, aromatic coriander is used to flavor sweet and savory recipes. McCormick Gourmet Ground Coriander is sourced for superior quality and is certified organic and non GMO. Coriander seed is from the same plant that produces cilantro leaves. This versatile spice adds subtle notes of citrus to Indian, Southeast Asian, Mexican and North African dishes. It enhances lentils, curries, stews, chili, sausage, roasted meats and couscous. Ground coriander is often paired with cumin in spice blends including garam masala and Moroccan Ras el Hanout. Coriander’s flavor is also described as sweet and floral – perfect for adding spicy warmth to sweet breads and desserts like apple pie, spice cookies and cakes.