McCormick Gourmet Roasted Saigon Cinnamon 1.25 oz

We roast our Saigon Cinnamon with slow, gentle heat to transform its traditional sharp-sweet flavor into something rich, toasty and spicy-sweet. One taste and you’ll want to make it a pantry staple, with a spot right next to the regular version. McCormick Gourmet Organic Roasted Saigon Cinnamon is a delicious addition to everything from morning oatmeal and French toast to apple pie and chocolate desserts. But it isn’t just for sweets. We love this spice’s savory side. Middle Eastern meat kabobs, Mexican moles and grilling spice rubs take on even more character with roasted cinnamon. It’s also an easy way to switch up your favorite chili or beef stew. Sprinkle it on latte or mulled cider and use it in any spice cake, muffin or cookie recipe.